Everyday, Printed With Grace

Created to Create

Part of the calling in “The Curve and the Calling” is my calling to create. And from that calling, I started a small business of my own this year, Printed With Grace (blog post here).

After a lot of prayer and work, I decided to apply for a couple local art shows and the farmers market in my town. I was nervous I’d be shot down, but then when found out I was accepted as a vendor for these events, I was even more nervous!

I was so scared to be out in the public selling my art. I love talking to people about art, but I am not a salesman. I was so afraid of failure; That I’d work so hard making inventory and setting up at the local craft show, and then no one would buy anything. Or that my booth display wouldn’t match up to those around me.


A arrived wayyy too early at the first show. I wanted to make sure I gave myself plenty of time to set up and settle my nerves before anyone showed up. But as soon as people began to arrive and stop by my booth, all those nerves faded. I loved meeting new people. I loved talking with people who are involved in the arts, swapping stories and business cards. I loved talking to people who weren’t involved in the arts, watching their eyes light up as I told them of all the great vendors and places to see local art in the city. I really got into it. I was hooked.

I realized that none of it was about how much I sold or how many orders I got, but about how fulfilled I was in stepping out in faith to do something that I knew I was called to do. Create. And, boy did it feel good.

IMG_1339 (1)

Printed With Grace is my escape, my hobby, and my creative outlet. I will keep doing it regardless of how many followers or customers I get, because I truly enjoy it. It makes my heart happy ❤

I share this with you, not as a plug for my own gain, but in hopes that it will inspire you to take a step of faith and do that thing that’s been on your mind. Is it a cooking class? Starting your own small group? Applying for a booth at your local farmers market? What were you called to create? Do that.


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