10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

I’ve been so surprised by the following this little blog has accumulated. I’m having so much fun writing and getting feedback from you guys! You’ve shown me so much love and support with every post I’ve made. So, I thought I’d take some time today to share with you a little about me (:

I’m different, a little quirky, and I love to make lists. So, here’s a list of ten things you may not know about The Curve and The Calling’s author, Sara Grace:

1. I often forget how young I am.


I’ve always been a bit of an old soul, but only in the sense that I have a taste for things that were “before my time” (ie. music, movies, fashion), and not in a hipster I-liked-it-before-it-was-cool kind of way. I’ve just always been like that. I preferred old scratchy records and Hepburn movies over Barbie dolls and cartoons even as a child. I’ve always related well to generations older than mine. A lot of this has to do with my upbringing; my parents were (are) pretty cool cats 😉

2. I once worked retail, and I HATED it.

I like to think I’m a good worker, a go-getter. You give me a job, and I’ll get it done. But when I worked in retail, I HATED it. I’m a people person, and I love shopping, but I was so miserable in my retail job. I only worked there for one year during college and I’m honestly surprised I lasted that long. I’m not even sure why, but it’s just not for me.

3. I’m currently working on…

Being more present.

Getting involved in my community.

Being more intentional in my marriage.

4. I don’t have cable or satellite TV, and I don’t need it.

Not a big TV gal. We have Hulu and Netflix and that works just fine for me.

5. I have a BS in journalism and art with an emphasis in photography.


6. I love brainstorming.

I work best in a creative, team-like environment. I once got to be on the creative team for a small magazine, and it was some of the most educating, engaging fun I’ve ever had.

7. I married my high school sweetheart.


I started dating him before I even had my driver’s license! We’ve been together 10 years.

8. I’d love to move south someday.

I love my mid-west roots, but I would like to live somewhere warmer someday!

9. If I had all the $$$, I’d travel all the time.

My husband and I love a good road trip, and we’re getting ready to travel to London (our first international trip together) in a couple weeks and I’m so excited. I first traveled abroad when I was 18 and I fell in love with being emersed in a different culture. We’d like to give our daughter the gift of travel as she grows up.

Two of my favorite places I’ve been: Tahara, Japan and New Orleans, Louisiana. Very different places, I know, but the vibrant cultures of both places captivated me.

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”

10. I have a tattoo.

I have a small horseshoe with a “w” inside it on the inside of my left ankle. For my beloved horse and childhood best friend, Whiskey.


1 thought on “10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me”

  1. Sara Grace you are pretty amazing! I loved your blog and getting to know you better and I know why my kids love you some much you’re an easy person to love. I enjoyed so getting to be with you all for a while. Beautiful family! I too have similar likenesses, not a TV bug, never have been more interested in my horses growing up. I have also felt older “more mature”😊 in my younger age now my body is catching up! Thank you for sharing I can tell you and Jonathan were meant for each other and little Emery is icing on the cake!❤️


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